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Production technology

Production is made on large-diameter knitting machines. During knitting, a staple fibre is drawn into the base yarn, which in the end forms the pile part of the fur.

The newest technology is machines where the pile part is made from the yarn, thus guaranteeing zero shedding when using filaments.

The material of the base and the pile part can be made of these fibres according to the customer's wishes:

polyester (also in microfibre form)
modified acrylic (modacrylic, flame retardant material)
sheep's wool (including the finest merino)

Science and research

We have our own development department that follows market requirements and the latest fashion trends, as well as the field of materials and production technologies. The latest technologies allow us to create designs and products exactly according to customer requirements. One of our main goals is to offer our customers fast and quality solutions. All our basic materials are inspected, products are tested for health safety in accredited laboratories.

We have made significant investments to expand our production facilities with electronic jacquard knitting machines that allow us to create virtually any pattern. We have thus acquired a complete production programme in the field of artificial knitted fur and plush.

The most sophisticated products in terms of materials, complexity of patterns and also production and finishing technology are products for clothing use - imitation real fur. A significant proportion of these products are made from Modacrylic - a modified acrylic - manufactured in Japan (among other properties, these materials are flame retardant).